Aesthetics, Technology and Cost-Effectiveness

Good denture provision places a number of different demands on both the dental profession and on dental technicians. The denture should look good and high-class from an aesthetic standpoint. It should also provide accuracy of fit and high-level durability. And finally, it should entail a good cost/benefit ratio. This can only be accomplished with an overall concept that is well thought-out. We have accomplished this with a proven dental management system and supplementary dental services. Your dentures should be worth this to you.   Information for the patient

Part of the quality of life – who does not long for beautiful teeth, a gleaming smile. A natural smile without holding one’s lips together is a huge part of the quality of life. Dentrade enables you to gain back a part of this quality of life, even on a small budget.

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Your dentist will also be happy to help you find the right denture for you.