The Dentrade Encyclopaedia for Patients

Would you like to learn more about dentures and better understand your own dentist? Here you will find an encyclopaedia of all the issues that might possibly be of interest to you.

Fixed over coating of a damaged tooth. Crowns are manufactured from various materials. They include all-metal crowns, veneer metal ceramic (VMK), zirconium oxide and the like.

Fixed over coating of two or more neighbouring teeth, with a bridge unit that closes a tooth gap (missing tooth). The material is the same as for individual crowns.

Care for partially damaged teeth. They can be manufactured from many different materials for functional or aesthetic reasons.

Veneers are manufactured to correct tooth discolorations, crooked teeth or aesthetic shortcomings. They are thin shells made of various materials such as ceramic or high-quality, tooth-coloured plastic.

Tooth Implants
Implants are anchorages that are surgically incorporated into the jaw. They function as artificial tooth roots, onto which crowns, bridges or prostheses can be attached in various ways.

Partial prostheses
Partial prostheses can be attached in various ways to teeth that still exist. This is done partly by using clamps. They can be removed for daily care. Partial prostheses are manufactured from various materials, often combinations made of surgical steel, plastic and plastic teeth.

Full prostheses
Full prostheses are most often made of plastic for cases of total tooth loss. They adhere to the jaw due strictly to suction pressure.

There are a large number of treatments and dental care options available, which - depending on the patient - should be agreed upon with the dentist and the laboratory on an individual case basis.